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The Law Offices of Kahlil J. McAlpin is
a small minority owned real estate, probate and bankruptcy law firm located in Playa Del Rey, California, where we serve all of Southern California.
Our firm specializes in real estate law, probate and bankruptcy matters throughout Los Angeles County, where we pride ourselves on providing our clients with personal attention that addresses all of their legal needs. We are also licensed real estate brokers and can assist with the selling of your home or investment properties.

Real Estate & Probate

At the Law Offices of Kahlil J. McAlpin, we specialize in representing the average buyer, seller and real estate agent in and throughout Los Angeles County. In today’s ever changing real estate economy, buyers and sellers can least afford to be deceived or mislead in their real estate transactions. The Law Offices of Kahlil J. McAlpin can effectively represent buyers or sellers in any real estate transaction dispute, no matter how small or big.


Our full service bankruptcy law practice in Los Angeles specializes in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcies. With more than 20 years of bankruptcy experience, we can immediately stop unlawful detainer evictions, stop your foreclosure sale, completely eliminate your 2nd mortgage, stop your wages from being garnished and stop harassing phone calls by making it illegal for creditors to call you or your family members. Most importantly, we can completely eliminate all of your credit card and medical bill debts. In some cases, we can even eliminate past due tax bills.

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